Experts in Regulatory Compliance for all your food and non-food products

  • Ashbury Labeling provide regulatory and technical support  services to ensure your products are fully compliant with all US Regulations.

  • Our Trusted Advisors are proficient in FDA and USDA legislation, Food processing, Dietetics and Nutrition.

  • We offer experience in regulatory, quality assurance and compliance, (FDA, USDA, Health Canada), Nutrient Content Claims, Health Claims, Marketing Claims and supplier communication.


Are you prepared for the Nutrition Facts Panel changes?

We guarantee 100% FDA compliance 

Ashbury Labeling provides support and advice to ensure your products are compliant with the changing labeling regulations.

Ashbury Labeling offers  comprehensive regulatory services to guide your business through the NFP changes. Our expertise can help you solve complex labeling and compliance issues.

Nutrition Facts panels vary in their mandatory size, information, and orientation requirements based on package size and number of nutrients present.

We provide guidance on nutrition facts panels for FDA 2020/2021 compliance.

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Regulatory services for Brand and Private Brand portfolios

Our Services

  • Labeling Advice and Approval

  • Label Development and guidance for Nutrition Facts Panel and all product claims

  • Artwork Review

  • Formulation review and approval. Including advice stating whether:

    • ingredients are permitted

    • max. levels are stated (where applicable)

    • compositional standards are met

  • Specification Writing Services

  • FDA Menu Labeling Compliance

  • Import / Export Solutions

  • PLM and Specification system Development

  • Custom FDA/USDA/CFIA Food Label Training

  • Non-Food EPA  Compliance and approval

  • Regulatory Consultancy


Our Clients

Ashbury work with many leading global brands and retailers. We also work with hundreds of smaller manufacturers; some new exporters and some experienced in global markets. We can work as an extension to your existing team or as fully out-sourced solution. Whatever your domestic or international labeling requirement, we have a service that is right for you.


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